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Thank you kindly for your tender care during my root canal. The warmth of your clinic and staff are deeply appreciated. My tooth has not given me any problems and I didn't need to take any pain medication. I hope I don't have to have another root canal, but if I do, I know the best doctor.
Pat B.

A special thank you for your help with my tooth. Your office and staff are TOP NOTCH. We can never thank you enough for the wonderful experience in your office. Thanks and much appreciation.
Sheila M.

I have spent the past month of my life in hell. It all started with a filling 2 months ago. That filling caused me such extreme cold sensitivity that it made me tear up drinking iced tea. Ice cream? Forget about it. The dentist said it was normal and would go away. Fine, I would wait. Then I started waking up in the middle of the night with the worst pain I have ever experienced in that side of my face. Both the top and the bottom of my mouth. Dentist said I was grinding my teeth, gave me a night guard. Night guard didn't work, dentist said I probably had a sinus infection because looking at my x-rays, my teeth were perfectly healthy (I'm glad they looked healthy, they felt like they were about to explode, but thanks for that!) I went to the doctor. Not a sinus infection. Dentist referred me to a TMJ specialist. Instead, I looked on the Internet and found Dr. Bills.

Dr. Bills and her staff started off on the right foot by TALKING to me. Asking what was going on, explaining things that the dentist didn't bother explaining to me. Dr. Bills tapped on my teeth and sprayed water on them. The whole problem with my mouth? One tooth. The tooth that was filled 2 months prior. It needed a root canal. They didn't have any opening for 2 weeks, but since I had been in pain for over a month, they worked me in.

I don't like dentist, I especially didn't like the idea of a root canal. I had never had one, and I was scared to death. I told Dr. Bills that I would prefer to be put under. She disagreed, telling me it wasn't as bad as I thought and that it would cost extra for sedation. She gave me a prescription for Valium for free (even thought she didn't think I would even need that.) So, I reluctantly agreed. She's the expert, right?

My parents took me in the day of the procedure since I couldn't drive myself due to the Valium. I was relaxed, high as a kite. I am not kidding ONE BIT when I say that I have had TEETH CLEANING that were more painful than Dr. Bills' ROOT CANAL. Just the tiniest prick from the needle (and really, it was the least painful needle prick I've ever felt) was the only think I ever felt. I think I might have even gone to sleep during the procedure. And, thanks to the Valium, I slept for 4 hours after the procedure, woke up with the numbing effect worn off, and never had to take a pain pill. That afternoon I ate ice cream. I nearly cried. Not in pain thought, quite the opposite.

Dr. Bills is the REAL DEAL, y'all.
David L.

Thank you so much for eliminating my toothache! I enjoyed the very entertaining conversation during my root canal. You are all very warm, friendly, and extremely gifted at making your patients feel comfortable. I am so grateful that I didn't have to take the same action that Tom Hanks did in the movie "Cast Away", (you know.....using an ice skate blade and a rock to knock out that aching tooth!) Thank you so much for taking away the pain. You are all a wonderful team.

Dr. Bills, I can't thank you enough for the kind, gentle care you took of me when I visited on Tuesday. Never have I had such a pleasant visit to a dental office in all my many years. You and your staff are one in a million, and I am so thankful to have found you. Get ready for the referrals! Many Blessings.

Thank you so much for treating me with such kindness during my recent root canal appointment. Your office if so lovely, I love the vintage feel. I can feel confident from first hand knowledge that patients I refer to your office will have an actual enjoyable root canal!

Thank you so much for the excellent care you provided me with last week. You and your staff work very hard and I, as your patient, felt extremely grateful for the friendly and professional manner in which I was treated while in your office. I was grateful that I was never, at any time, left alone to sit and wonder how far along I was with the procedure; and I appreciated the constant checking to see if I was okay. I am still amazed that I was in and out of your office in less than one and a half hours, and that I didn't have to return for additional appointments.
I wanted to say thanks for doing a wonderful job with the root canal I recently had. The experience was as good as it could have been, and best of all....I have no pain now! I have been in pain for well over a year, and now it's gone! I can eat and drink normally now, which I'm still getting used to. It's awesome. Now I don't have to dread biting down. I know you do this all day, but my quality of life has improve 100%. Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for fixing my tooth! You and your staff made an unpleasant ordeal more pleasurable by being so nice and friendly.

Now hear me out pardner, many have taken a shot at diagnosing and remedying this here pain, but I believe you were the sharp shooter here. That was some pretty fine work, and I don't mind telling ye that cha did a right nice job of cleaning my pistols with them lil wires. I never felt a thing. I'm mighty grateful to ya!

I want to thank you and your staff for taking care of me, and for being so kind. I especially want to thank you for finally finding my problem. My best to you and your staff.

I've had the most painless dental procedure ever! Dr. Bills is the best.

What a pleasant experience my root canal treatment was!!  Your staff is so kind and go out of their way to make the patient comfortable.  You are painless and professional !  I always felt good, but now I feel even better, about referring to your office.  Our patients are in the "Best of Hands!!!" 
Thank you all.  B.B., RDH

Just wanted you and your staff to know that I had a lot of fun "visiting" with you (never thought I'd say that about a root canal appointment!)  Thanks for making it so easy.  S.

Normally, when people think of a root canal, there are very few good things to say.  At least, that's the way I felt before coming to your office.  However, I found that with your expertise available to me that it was a virtually painless procedure.  But secondly, and just as important, was what I found in your office.  I found a group of extraordinarily warm, helpful, and caring people.  You and your staff have created a wonderful way to have fun with your jobs, but not at the expense of the highest level of professionalism.  As a nurse, I understand that the health care profession is difficult nowadays, even in the best of circumstances.  However, you seem to have created an atmosphere in your office that is comforting and refreshing.  And, as for me, I certainly will have something to say the next time I hear the statement "as much fun as a root canal...."
P.G., RN

No toothache today, thanks so much to you.  You really did it this time - wow, what a relief!  You know I'll forever be back for all my tooth ills.  You're great, my kinda Doc!  Thanks for everything.  You're one in a million!

Thank you so much.  It is a such a relief to know I don't have to live with that pain anymore.  You and all of your staff were so very nice.  I will always be grateful, and will recommend you to anyone in need.

Thank you for the pain free retreatment of my root canal.  The senior citizen discount was a complete surprise.  This type of service is uncommon to say the least, and I greatly appreciate it.  B.M

Thank you for making my root canal a pleasurable experience.  I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others. You and your staff did a great job in providing me with a "happy root canal."
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